<B> Sauk River Pointing Labradors FEATHERSTORM VIDEO</FONT></B>

Watch a great Pointing Lab in action



Order a VHS video of Sauk River's Featherstorm
(12 minutes run-time)
Send $12 to help defray production / shipping costs to…..

David Mork
Sauk River Retrievers
14062 170th street
Osakis, MN 56360

The video should be a nice keepsake for those who have a pup. For others who are curious about Jake or about PL's It should be a great way to see a Grand - Master Pointing Retriever / Master Hunting Retriever in action. Included in the 12 minute video is

1. 4 pointing scenes....a definite cure for the non-believer! (if there are any left)
2. Some fun-retrieves
3. 2 shot-birds retrieved off of a point.
4. A water double and blind
5. Water entries

It is a GOOD video but...A few disclaimers before this is even released:…

1. No real quartering footage….try that sometime!
2. I was a one-take wonder as narrator using a script that I concocted the day the editor came and I realized that I'd never thought about what to say.
3. If you like the music…you need help.

A few thank-you's

Big thanks to my wife, Jane, and my daughters Jennifer, and Melissa who shot lots of footage (you too Kathleen for LOTS of help) The kids did get some laughs along the way. During the water scene Jake is actually running off a small island. Being the only one with waders, I had to carry Jane across a deep moat around the island to get her in position to film. I got stuck in the mud in the "moat" with Jane on my back. I think the kids are still recovering from splitting a side laughing at that.
Thanks to my good friends, Ron Unruh and Mark Johnson, for shooting the birds in such a way that they fell to the ground. Mine keep flying.


Jake does a nice job slogging through underwater obstacles. Watch close in the water scene and you get a sense of what the bottom is like. Debris, logs, ridges and holes, weeds and mud. Tough going. I know because I planted the blind and went down twice.

The DEER Scene. Jake also does a nice job of re-focusing from the deer, back to the water-blind. That deer came over the hill behind us full bore…stopped 20 yards from us, big as life and let out a loud snort. He has Jake's FULL attention before I get it back. My thrower on that side of the marsh was our neighbor, Andrew Hohncke. Andrew is in 4th grade.He was excited to be out with us but also realized just how big a deer really is! Andrew was ready for fight or flight. You did a great job, Andrew, Thanks!

No 300 yard blinds or quadruple marks. Nothing that he does here is meant to be particularly amazing. It is all about watching his attitude and instinct How he moves, responds, points, etc..

Quick takes:

1. What is Jake pointing?? The birds you don't see are planted pigeons. I call Jake off point and cast him again and he establishes a second point, checking to see why I'm not flushing this thing! There is also a pheasant and chukar both pointed and shot

2. Can't he spot that orange bumper a mile away?? ... No. Orange is "gray" to a dog. If I wanted to give him a visual assist I would have used white.

3. Check out the distance of the pointed pheasant!

4. Time of year? ... November, just days before ice-over.

5. Dog's Age? ... TWO.

6. How long?? ...12 minutes