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about Jake

Pleasure to meet you and Jake this past weekend in IL. Jake definitely has the GMPR in him.

Saw Jake run this past weekend. I was particularly impressed with the way he handled. I have no idea how you accomplished that kind of response without an e-collar. What a great dog!

We spoke in higginsville Saturday about Jake. I talked to so many people that day I can't remember what was said when. Again I want to tell you how impressed I was with him on Saturday. It isn't too often you find a dog that looks as good as he does and is that good in the field.

I just got an email from David Mork and he said that you were considering using Jake on a female. He implied that you were looking for some "references" from people that have seen him work. You could say that I am both very new and very old to the pointing lab scene. I am 25 years old, and when I was in grade school my father had an AMAZING pointing lab. I have been telling stories as to how good "buster" was to anyone who would listen since he died about ten years ago. BUster was an incredible natural pointer, before the APLA got going. He was still alive when some tests started showing up around the country side, but he was past his prime and had as much stud work as we wanted him to have just from people who had hunted over him. This past summer I decided that I missed having a pointing lab to hunt with so I started looking in to the "scene" to become acclimated with available dogs. I started out looking at Black males because that is what Buster was. I went to a field trial in HIgginville and absolutly fell in love with jake. Jake literally impressed me in everyway. He was not even on my list of "maybes" because I had not heard of him, but after the dry retrieves, he was in my top three, after the water retrieves he was still there, but sold me absolutely was watching him work the upland field. He worked so smoothly and under control there was no doubt in my mind that I thought he was the best dog there that day. HIs final point was actually three points. He pointed facing into the breeze and looking with great confidence that he knew where the bird was. THe gunner went and kicked around 10-15 feet in front and decided it was an old scent, the lady behind me had seen Jake work and told me, they aren't out far enough, the bird is there. ANyway, they released jake and he crept forward about ten feet and then pointed again. The same process repeated, and jake crept forward alittle farther, and he had the attitude," Trust me its there" Sure enough about ten feet infront of this third point was the bird. The lady behind me told me that she had seen jake do that at the Illinois test, and that in her mind Jake was the best dog there that day, but got a very bad break on the upland. To complete the deal, when I followed David to his vehicle to ask him about jake. Jake sat there so calmly. He went from so driven in the field to an absolute gentleman. He also held himself with such dignity and confidence. In short, even though the years had put rose glasses on all of my memories of buster, jake met or surpassed every "standard" that buster had set in my mind. I went home, found breeder that was going to use Jake this spring and put a deposit on a puppy in October, for delivery in july. THat is how sure I was I wanted my puppy out of him. Fritz

The Video

I just received it on Wednesday. Wow, I am impressed! You did such a nice job. The video was done very professionally. Who did you have help you? You need to have that submitted to a hunting show or at least present it to APLA so they can use it to help promote pointing labs. I have encountered a lot of people that do not know what pointing labs are so I think your tape would be very educational to those people. As for your dog, I was very impressed.

David- Thanks for the video, I recieved it yesterday and I've watched it 3 times already (it's kind of hard to see the whole thing with a 7 month old ) :) From a promotional stand point, which is what I took the video as, I thought you did a very nice job. I had never seen a lab truly point up until then and it brought a smile watching Jake lock up. It's very impressive to be able to watch him work and then realize that he's only 2 at the time it's filmed. Especially for a first time video, I thought you did an excellent job. I still want to keep tabs on your upcoming litter of Jake and Sundance

David, I received the video. Thanks. It is everything we hoped to see. Jake is an outstanding lab. He is obviously eager to please, and has great instincts. What a beautiful dog! even in the way he moves. I showed a couple of friends at work who were pretty skeptical that this pointing lab stuff is for real They were impressed as well. Nice job on the video and yes, it is enough to let us make a decision.


David/Jane, As I promised, I am sending another update on Trix now that our season is winding down at the lodge. Trix has been an amazing dog to hunt with this year. I can't tell you how many clients have commented on how impressed they were with this young dog. She has one of the most stylish points I have ever seen and is very consistant even with running roosters. She is very energetic and loves to hunt more than anything. Her marking is great and she very seldom will get beat to a down bird. She has a lean build and stamina to chase birds all day. I have a number of clients that have left cards with me and ask that I contact them if I decide to breed her this next year.

David, I just wanted to let you know that I think you've done a great job getting this puppy started!

David, We are so happy with our pup from Jake. Easy to train is an understatement.

David, Hi, You don't know me but I have a pup out of Jake and John Malzahn's female. We took him hunting yesterday. He is only five months old, but hunted like a 3-4 year old dog. He also points! Just though I'd let you know that we are very happy with the pup.

David, Haley (Jake x Sundance) and I have been training and I must tell you. I have owned over 30 dogs in my lifetime. Haley is by far the smartest, and easiest to train. Thanks for picking out such a wonderful dog for us. (Dave in Ohio)

David, I wanted to write and let you know about Butch this weekend. We were pheasant hunting in a party with two older shorthairs. Butch really showed them up. While the shorthairs ran wild and were annoying. Butch was obedient and produced more birds. Words can not express how impressed we are with our dog from Featherstorm. Thought you should know. Thanks!

David, As my chest swells with pride, I have to tell you about Jet's (6 month old pup) first point and retrieve on a wild bird. We were walking down to a favorite duck slough, to hunt ducks. Jet was a bit agead of me and suddenly went into a staunch point. It was a grouse, about 10 yards in front of him and downhill. jet stayed steady to the flush I had a small window to shoot through the trees but made the shot and Jet made the retrieve. What an awesome feeling! Now if I could just get the digital camera to work and get you some pictures!

David, I am so proud of Penny today. On her first pheasant hunt, she pointed and retrieved 6 birds. I am particularly impressed with her marking ability We had a bird sail about 200 yards on us. She ran directly to it and brought it back still flapping She is 60 lbs of pure dynamite!

David, Great to hear from you. Our Featherstorm pup's call name is Lili, and she is quite a dog. Greg may not have told you, but I have an extensive background in AKC field trials from the 80's. I gave it up for over ten years after my best dog (and companion) became ill, and just devoted the last eight years of (her) life to having fun and keeping her as healthy as possible. I bought Lili in October, one year after loosing my previous Lab. Lili is turning out to be a very smart pup, exceptionally trainable, and the fastest learning dog I have ever owned. At five months she was doing multiple retrieves, and short blinds. We made brief introductions to quail on two occasions, and came up with a flash point the first time, and stylish hard point the second time out. (LOVES birds) I have no doubts she will be an exceptional dog. As far as temperament, she's a strong Beta. Not overtly aggressive but intensely confident. We have a 110 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback male, and she isn't the least bit intimidated. Very sweet natured, loves everybody, sleeps in the bed with us. Commands that normally take several weeks of reinforcement, she learns in one sitting and never forgets. I'm stunned by her level of intelligence and her willingness to respond to requests. She also has a very pleasing shape and a pretty head. Couldn't buy her way into a conformation show, but she will stand out in the crowd at a field trial. Let's stay in touch. Thanks, Jack.

Hey, I have to tell you about Rainy's first duck hunting trip. As you know, We had been training for this day for a long time. We got to our slough in N. Dakota and it was the first day that everything iced-over. I was afraid of bringing him out with the ice. Anyways, we broke open a hole in what I would call "lunging water" for Rainy...about neck deep. One of the first birds down was a pintail shot on the flare which landed on the ice on the other side of our hole, maybe 60 yards out. Rainy saw it Fall and started towards it. Then it moved. Rainy saw that movement and instantly started lunging towards it. Hit the ice and busted through it all the way to that duck. I don't think he even realized the ice was there. You should have seen it. It was incredible. When he got back in the boat, it was like something had clicked and he started watching the sky. He was picking up birds before we did. Hunting was great. Need to share one more retrieve. We were on a cattail point but had solid ground about 10 yds behind us with a strip of solid ground and dense grass running through the marsh. I shot a duck that sailed way back in the strip. Rainy got out the front of the boat. lunged through the water and deep mud onto dry land going through a 180 degree turn to pick up the mark going behind us. I was already getting out of the boat to help. Didn't get far before he came back out of the grass with that duck. Mark.

David, don't know if your e-mail is up, but I thought I would give it a try. The pup is doing just fine. Showed her first point on the 1st day, and several times since. Everyone falls in love with her at first sight.

David, I am enjoying the pup, she is a sweetheart. Seems to learn fast. So far "sit, stay" are coming along well. "Kennel" she caught onto quick. I need to start spending more time now in a training mode. Short retrieves are also going well. Sounds like things are going well with John and his pup too. More later. Frank

David, Finally had an opportunity to put Dew on some birds. He pointed several times. He is obviously young and has not quite figured out everything yet. He did point several times but he did not hold very long. I did not have a check cord on him and that is probably all I need to do with him to make him steady on point. How are his siblings doing? Have you decided to repeat the breeding of his parents? John D. Holt

David, Took Dew hunting again yesteday. (age 5 months) He did very well his pointing is picking up. He really is pointing well. He even started backing my setter! John

David, I can't say enough nice things about this pup. I have two good friends who are very experienced with hunting dogs They both want a pup out of the next litter...and everyone else just keep asking where I got this pup. She learns so fast. Thanks again.

Enclosed are pictures of Drake. This is the finish of his first real hunting retrieve. It was a triple on Giant Canadians. The dog is only 5 and a half months old. The goose that he is carrying weighed 14 pounds. David, he didn't just bing them back. He did it with style. David Owens...Osakis, MN

I believe!!!!!

Kate, was something today! I went and p/u some pen raised quail. I have to go nearly 1/2 way across Alabama to get these "top-fight" conditioned birds. Yesterday I didn't even carry a gun and was going to let her have fun on 15-20 birds. What a mistake! The first bird got a definite!!! But it was fun to see her learn her nose without pressure from Daddy. Today, she pointed and held until released to retrieve dead!!!! Of course, lots of birds brings lots of quick growth and experience. You wanted to know when she showed signs...I guess THAT"S SIGN!!! Nine months old and finding out what's it ALL about! Of course not as stylish as a my pointer but if I was rating a competition today? I think that lab had it!!!

And that's a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Brent Nelson

P.S. I'm going to get 100 more birds Friday for a group coming in on Sat. I hope she does as well then. You know how it is when there's a crowd.


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