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Sauk River Retrievers, Pointing Labradors

Sauk River Retrievers

is a full service training / breeding facility founded in 1997 by David and Jane Mork. We are located along the Sauk River in West-Central Minnesota. We are three miles from the town of Osakis, along I94 near Alexandria, MN.

Sauk River Retrievers exists to help others in three ways:

1. To improve your hunting experience by offering the top pointing labradors in the nation.
2. To provide custom Gundog Training to suit your hunting style.
3. To use our resources to help others.

We offer:

1. POINTING LAB PUPS from selective breedings.

2. GUNDOG TRAINING SERVICE Retrievers, all pointing Breeds, and spaniels...from starting a pup to Master - level work. Hunt - Test Preparation and handling for APLA, AKC, NAHRA tests. We have a particular passion for training pointers...especially pointing labradors.

3. One-to one Training consultation and problem-solving.

4. Stud Service to approved females

Breeding Goals

Sauk River Retrievers breeding program exists to provide outstanding Gundogs at a fair price to working Hunters, Hunt-Test Enthusiasts, and Field Trialers.

Dogs in our breeding program must have excellent temperament, demonstrate a keen desire to please, show a strong retrieving instinct, a strong early pointing instinct, and have great desire to hunt. We look for dogs with a titled background. However, We emphasize traits over titles. The power of the Sauk River breeding program lies more in our ability to SELECT desirable traits than in our ability to match-up powerful pedigrees. Titles are great. We look for them. Our program also looks past the titles to the actual traits of the dog. As a result of this we have removed dogs with excellent pedigrees from our stock even though they were very marketable on paper. We are interested in producing medium - sized, good-looking labs with a fierce desire to hunt and retrieve, and which show the pointing instinct at an early age. We feel that these dogs will be a joy in the uplands, marshes and at home.

We are particularly interested in enhancing and popularizing the pointing instinct. Not because pointing labs are somehow better than other labs, but because we enjoy working with the pointing instinct...and feel that many others will enjoy a pointing Labrador too. Labs with the pointing instinct are not a separate breed or a new breed. These labs should retain a strong retrieving desire and do excellent water work. Our dogs are great labs first. Pointing labs second.

will my pup point?

Training Goals

Sauk River Retrievers first class Gundog Training increases the quality of your hunting experience. We train to a high standard in order to give clients more than what they expect. Training is hard work...demanding time, patience, habitat, Birds, water resources, persistence, and skill. We train hard each day in order to go beyond your expectations. If we are part of a quality hunt because of our training...then We are pleased. We look forward to hearing your stories of success in the field with your Sauk River- trained gundog.

I have tried to be as accurate as possible in relaying information on this website. If anyone finds errors please notify me. I will change the information if necessary. Thanks.

David Mork