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Gundog Training Service   2023

FIRST TRAINING OPENING IS FOR   November - December .... 2023.

We are currently full through October,   2023.  
Please call to be on a waiting list for any cancellations, or to reserve an open time

3 2 0 - 4 9 1 - 7 8 8 0     David's Cell

320-859-5463     Home Dan Janssen's Drake, 10 months
Jake and David: Bird Work at a Sauk River training Field

  *  Training for All Hunting Breeds.     Emphasis on Hunting Scenarios and Live Bird Work.

 *  Obedience / Upland / Waterfowl   Hunting /   Hunt-test training:   APLA.   NAHRA.   AKC.

 *  All breeds are welcome.   Pointing labs are our passion and our specialty.

 *  Contact David or Jane at   320-859-5463.   or


Puppy Quick Start 2023.     $600... includes birds

Dan Janssen's Drake, 10 months Dan Janssen's Drake, 10 months

A three week program to introduce a puppy to birds / guns / decoys

and to give pup a chance at retrieving shot birds as a model for more serious hunting to come later on.

Started Program beginning in May 2022.     $1600.     2 month time-frame

**  Field Level "off-lead" obedience
**  Collar conditioning
**  True Gun Conditioning
**  Force-Fetch (trained retrieve) program
**  Whoa training
**  Single marks to 60 yards.
**  Steady to Shot and Fall in Waterfowl Drills
**  Marking off the gun
**  Live Upland hunts.
**  Quartering to a whistle
**  Waterfowl scenarios, with decoys, calls etc
**  Trailing Drills

A dog who has completed our started program is a dog that you could hunt the next day and be proud of.

A 2-month minimum enrollment.
Training is billed at $800 / month. for 2 months. ...

However, any extra time is at no cost to the owner.
We will finish the program before giving the final months billing.
I do plan to have your dog ready in 2 months but at times extra days are needed.

* Clients please bring an amount of food similar to two, 40 lb bags dog food
* Bird costs are not included. Estimate is $2 5 0
* $200 deposit is required at the start of training for bird purchases.   This is credited towards your training bill.

Advanced Program 2023.    $900 per month

The overall goals of the advanced program are to get your dog running blind retrieves / multiple marks / and to have complete control around birds whether flushed or pointed. a dog completing the advanced program will have skills to run advanced and most Master APLA tests.

**  Casting (hand signals)
**  Lining and pattern blinds
**  3 leg and 5 leg patterns
**  begin transition to cold blinds
**  Swim-By training (water) **  Introduce and practice multiple marks.
**  Marking concepts (check-down / punch through / down the shore / hip pocket) etc...
**  Steady to wing and shot in the upland for pointing dogs ...or sit to flush for flushing dogs.
**  Advanced trailing drills

Training fee for advanced dogs is $900 / month... plus birds.
Advanced training is billed monthly.
$ 9 0 0   /   month plus birds ( if used )
This is an   e x c e l l e n t   program for beginning blind - retrieve work.
However,   Dogs vary a great deal in their rate of progress in the advanced program.
There is no guarantee of what I will accomplish with your dog within a given time-frame.

*   Clients provide one, 40 lb bag dogfood per month.
*   Bird costs are not included.
*   $200 deposit is required at the start of training for bird purchases.   This is credited towards your training bill.

Master Program 2023.    $1,200 per month

The Master program is for Master level test dogs and truly finished gundogs. Angle Entries
Channel blinds
Casting through cover
Honoring (marks)
Master marking concepts and distances
Technical blind concepts
Training fee for Master dogs is $1200 / month. Billed monthly.
The amount of time required will vary, and partial completion / custom designing a program is certainly an option

* Clients provide one, 40 lb bag dogfood per month.
* Bird costs are not included.
* $200 deposit is required at the start of training for bird purchases.   This is credited towards your training bill.

Training Year in review.

As Fall arrives,   We thank all of our clients for trusting us with their companions in 2023.
We again had limited spots available and were glad to be able to refer some of you to other trainers in the area.
Nearly every dog here this year is a repeat customer or a word of mouth referral.
Fun to stay connected.

We are reminded how important trust is,   and how important your dogs are.
I have seen some exceptional dogs in training here,   several from the Sauk River breeding program.

We expect the Sauk River dogs to shine.
Training our own pups is most helpful in truly knowing what we are producing.  

We have met and enjoyed the company of many good people.
Thanks for sharing your time with us.
Jane and I continue to look forward to hearing more of your hunting / training stories.

We invite inquiries into our training service. Your visit to our facility is welcomed!

David's   philosophy

1.   Give more than people expect.

2.   One program does not fit all. Training will be tailored to the dog's abilities and the owners needs

3.   We will do formal training only with well socialized dogs at least 6 months of age.  
Socializing should be done by the owner with a strong bond formed between owner and pup and the pup introduced to many new situations before coming to us.

4.   Obedience is emphasized here.

5.   Taking time to teach and advise the owner is part of the package that you get here. Training is as much about working with people as it is working with dogs.

6.   Pressure is used.   Not as a shortcut.   Not in place of teaching.
Retrievers often need to respond positively to moderate pressure.
Dogs are taught to respond to pressure as needed.
However, tapping into your dog's own drive is the key to success here.

7.   In the end...Bird-work makes a bird-dog.
Bird Work is difficult for most folks to do on their own.
Here at Sauk River Retrievers,   your dog will become a complete gundog through consistent,   planned bird-work.
Pointers,   Flushers,   Strict waterfowl dogs.   We will teach your dog what the game is about.

Our facilities are excellent. Heated / Air-Conditioned indoor / outdoor runs.
Outstanding water resources and bird-fields assure that your dog is exposed to the same concepts in a variety of settings.
I will work hard to provide you with a dog that you will be proud to hunt over.

Call, or e-mail to talk with me about your training needs for 2021.
Let's develop a plan for your gundog.  
I look forward to helping you meet or exceed your goals.

David Mork.   Owner;   Sauk River Retrievers

Sauk River Retrievers (Gundog Training)

14062 170th street
Osakis, MN 56360
320 - 859-5463

Before your dog joins-us at Sauk River...

**Full vaccination information required. (Bordatella vacinations required)
**Flea check required prior to joining us. Never had them. Never want to!
**Dogs staying at Sauk River must be on a monthly flea / tick med. NEXGUARD is our choice
**Dogs staying at Sauk River will receive regular de-worming and heartworm meds as agreed upon.
**Emergency vet care (24 hours) is available.

On Drop-off day

**We will be here to meet you! Will ask some basic questions about existing medical concerns... fears... and prior training.
You will be asked to sign a form we have prepared. Your signature indicates that you understand and accept the risks involved in the boarding and training of hunting dogs...
and that you will allow David to act in the best interest of your dog in any medical emergency at owners expense.

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