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Sauk River Retrievers Started Dogs     (   See the bottom of this page for our definition of a Started Dog.   )

You are welcome to deposit on a started dog. Your deposit is an agreement to complete the purchase of that dog if the training is completed.  
You have right of refusal with refund of deposit if the dog's work,   shown via video,   or on the day you visit does not meet your expectations.
Call to reserve a started dog.

  S T A R T E D    A D U L T    D O G S    2 0 2 4 

As of December 1st 2023, we have no started dogs in progress for Fall of 2024.

This will likely change as 2024 progresses.

However ...

Your best bet is to purchase a pup and have me start the dog for you.

S T A R T I N G   A   P U P P Y

Nearly all of our started dogs are now contracted for as pups.

Here is an outline of the process:

You purchase the pup at age 8 weeks.

Your pup stays with us to be socialized, crate trained, explore the world during cover walks, learn about birds, boats, trucks, calls, gunshots and decoys... and more .

Foundation pieces to prepare for formal training.

Puppy and I begin formal gun-dog training at age 6 months... finishing as a well - trained gun-dog at around 8 months of age.

You receive video updates so you can stay engaged as pup grows and progresses through training.

Visits here, and overnights at your home can be part of the process

The process has proven to be fun for our owner families

Fun for us too as we receive updates and Christmas cards from our family of owners and their dog ...whom we grew to care about.

Please contact me... ( David ) at    320-491-7880    or    email at   if you would like me to keep a pup from an upcoming litter, and start it for you for Fall / Winter 2023 - 24

what does   "S T A R T E D"   mean?

A  Highly  Obedient  Bird - Dog  

that anyone would be proud to hunt over
. . . for upland or waterfowl

Gear   Introduced:          Water decoys,   Bigfoot decoys,   Silhouette decoys,   Calls,   Boats,   Blinds etc...

O B E D I E N C E   . . .  Taught ,   Collar  -  Conditioned ,    Proofed through distraction.

                                          S I T,     D O W N,    P L A C E,     H E E L  F O R W A R D,     H E E L   B A C K W A R D,     H E R E.  

                                          W H O A,     R E M O T E   W H O A ,     W H O A   O N   R E C A L L,     L O N G   S I T,     K E N N E L

                                          All Commands Performed While Carrying Live Birds

C O L L A R  -  C O N D I T I O N I N G:

                                         A positive,   conditioned response to e-collar stimulus.

                                         A positive,   conditioned response to a vocal substitute for e-collar stimulus.

G U N  -  C O N D I T I O N I N G:

                                         A positive,   conditioned response to look - for falling birds at the sound of gunfire

B I R D    I N T R O D U C T I O N:

                                         Imprinting birds as prey.   Fun to find,   Fun to flush ( flush conditioning ).   Fun to carry,

F O R C E   F E T C H   P R O G A M

                                          Assures that your dog will handle birds correctly and deliver to hand reliably.

                                         " H O L D,"    " D R O P,"   " F E T C H, "    " L E A V E   I T , "    C O L L A R  -  F E T C H ,    W A L K I N G  -  F E T C H

Q U A R T E R I N G:     to a whistle

T R A I L I N G :             Trailing live / wounded birds

M A R K I N G               Single marks to 70 yards through decoys.

                                         Steady to:    Shots,   Calls,   Live - flyers   Shot birds

                                         Walk - up Marks

L I V E    U P L A N D    R U N S:         with shot birds

L I V E    W A T E R F O W L    R U N S:     with shot birds

This is an   o u t s t a n d i n g   started program . . .  call or text David at     3 2 0   4 9 1   7 8 8 0

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