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Sauk River Retrievers, Pointing Labradors Sauk River Pup 3 mo. old


Sauk River Retrievers Started Dogs     (   See the bottom of this page for our definition of a Started Dog.   )

You are welcome to deposit on a started dog. Your deposit is an agreement to complete the purchase of that dog if the training is completed.  
You have right of refusal with refund of deposit if the dog's work,   shown via video,   or on the day you visit does not meet your expectations.
Call to reserve a started dog.

  S T A R T E D   D O G S    2 0 2 0 

Our started dogs were all spoken for very early this year.

Please contact David if you would like him to keep a pup and start it for you for Fall 2021

Nearly all of our started dogs are now contracted for as pups.


Each year we have some dogs which are taken through a program which produces an obedient, functional bird-dog that anyone would be proud to hunt over.

The term "Started Dog" means different things to different people.

Here's what    "S T A R T E D"   means at  Sauk  River  Retrievers:

Obedience:   Sit,   Place,   Heel,   Here,   Whoa,   "Kennel" .

Collar Conditioning:   Your dog responds positively,   with a conditioned response to e-collar pressure.   Collar conditioning allows you to use this valuable tool the right way.

Birds:   Introduced with the goal of imprinting birds as prey.   Fun to find,   Fun to chase.   Fun to Retrieve

Force Fetch Program completed:   Assures that your dog will handle birds correctly and deliver to hand reliably.

Quartering:   Will be started enough to allow you to develop teamwork in the uplands with a conditioned response to a quartering whistle..

Gun Conditioning:   Including marking off the gun

Steady to shot and Fall When Marking.  

Marking practice:   Single Marks to a distance of 60 yards through decoys.

Gear   Introduced:   Water decoys,   Bigfoot decoys,   Calls,   Boats,   Blinds etc...

We will provide several started dogs available through fall 2020.   Call for availability,   or to choose a dog early and contract for your dog's training.

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