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Update on a Sauk River Dog...Koda

David, as fall is winding down I wanted to drop you a note about Rocky’s progress. First off, this dog is flat out amazing! He has been the perfect combination of intense hunter and smart compassionate companion.

Rocky is 68 pounds now and getting more muscular every month. He is pointing awesome, and we just returned from South Dakota where he locked up on 20+ birds over 4 days. Many times he would search for the bird nose down, start to point, then the bird would move so he would slowly inch forward to point again. He would do this 3-4 times often on the same bird until it held. One point I left him for about 90 seconds just to see if he would remain and he did. I couldn’t stand it so I walked up and flushed the bird. This is probably all routine for you, but it is new to us and really cool to experience.

His retrieves are great too, with one memorable afternoon on our last trip where he had to make one long water retrieve and one where he had to cross a small river to get to a bird. Both were perfect with no direction from me. He ranges and courses great, with very little direction and the training I have done with him provides very quick results. He gets this look on his face when we are training like he knows I am teaching him something and he wants to show that he is listening and show that he has learned it.

He gets compliments for his looks wherever we take him and is great with new people. I will send you some pics of him if you want, I have a really neat one of a water retrieve. Anyway, sorry for the long email. I hope all is well with your family and that your business is going well.

My family thanks you for all the work you have put into developing such a wonderful combination of traits in your dogs. Paul P. Vice President H. K. Group inc. Minneapolis, MN 55401