Sauk River Retrievers: Puppy Health Guarantee

Sauk River Retrievers, Pointing Labradors

The guarantee below is given only to the purchaser. It is not transferable.

Hips and Eyes
For the first 30 months of your pups life: Sauk River Retrievers Guarantees that your pup will obtain a final OFA Hip rating of Fair or better.
Your pup is also guaranteed to be free of retinal dysplasia.
OFA, and CERF will be the sole determiners.

Other Genetic Disorders
For the first year of your puppy's life.
We guarantee your pup to be free of any disease that is determined by agreement of your veterinarian (by examination) and ours (by description) to have a genetic cause.
This includes ONLY those disorders which are 100% genetic... This includes only those disorders which threaten the health, or working ability of the dog.
This includes only those disorders where environmental factors can be completely ruled - out.

Owners Choices
If A problem is covered by our guarantee: Sauk River Retrievers will pay an amount up to the purchase-price of the puppy to:

A. Treat the condition..... Payment will be for direct medical services, devices, medicines, procedures only.
Other associated expenses for diagnosis, travel, etc...are not covered.


B. We will Replace the puppy with a Sauk River pup from a similar breeding.
All additional cost above the original purchase price will be paid by the owner

Owners must choose one of the above options and exclude the other choice.

Guarantee depends on positive identification
The guarantees above depend on being able to positively identify the dog.
The guarantees above are not in effect unless your dog is microchipped and his information is on-file with us.
The dog must have an AKC registered name which includes the words "Sauk River"

The above guarantee is void if the dog has been bred, is older than 30 months, or if there is clear evidence of abuse.