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Tess On Point
                Certified Pointing Retriever
                SAUK RIVER TRIPOD TESS
SAUK RIVER'S FEATHERSTORM (Jake): A True Grandmaster
            Grand Master Pointing Retriever
            June 19th,   1999   to   Nov. 20th,   2011.
Phoenix On Point
                Advanced Pointing Retriever
                SAUK RIVER PHOENIX


FOXX is available to a good home as of July 1st.

Our beloved Foxx just had her last litter.
Foxx is a 6 year old yellow female. She will turn 7 on August 8th.
55 lbs. quiet, 1000% safe, very clean, demure. a well mannered dog

Foxx holds back when introduced to new people and situations.
She is at a point in her life where she would not make a good wild bird hunter for long.
I would only recommend her as a game farm dog.

Our hope is that she gets to be part of a family.

Vestment fee of $300 to make sure we have an owner who will make a commitment.

If you are looking for a pal let us know.


OFA Excellent.    Elbows Normal.    EIC clear.   CNM Clear.    Prcd CLEAR.

MACK:  Phoenix  x  Desi pup

                         SAUK RIVER MACK
Phoenix...(Jake x Magic) Intensity: Sauk Rivers' Pure Magic.  GMPR Otter x GMPR Joli


Summer is here.

The Mork Family celebrated the solstice with the wedding of our youngest daughter.
Also time with our grandchildren from San Diego who were wowed by an amazing display of northern lights last week.
What a special time for the young couple
and a special time for us to spend with family, neighbors and friends.

We hope that you are finding time with those close to you as well.
Enjoy these long summer evenings!
With the daylight already shortening... an even better season approaches.

We appear to be full for summer training although there are sometimes last minute changes.
Give a call if you are looking.
If nothing else, we can help you to connect with someone close who does things well.

Jane and I are so thankful for the chance to interact with our owners, and training clients over the long term.
We had so many repeat customers this year both for our training in and with the Sauk River pups
We both agreed that 2014 was a year of reconnecting.
We look forward to more in 2015.

Nearly every training dog scheduled for 2015 is from a client whom we have worked with before.
Most of our pups this year are being placed with people who purchased from us before.
Renewing those connections is joyful.
We can almost measure our lives but the dogs who owned us in the past
and the dogs who may own us yet before we end our time afield.

Thank you for sharing your passion for the outdoors and for family.
Thank you for the gift of companionship and fun which you bring to these spectacular working dogs.

Jane and I are here to be of service.

If we can help in your search for a puppy or a started dog in 2015
If we can help to reach your training goals.
Please call or e-mail.

Jane will be doing some Grandma duty in California at times.
I will be training here all spring and summer.
Come and visit me! I will be glad to help you to find the right pup or to help with your training needs.
Come and join our family of owners and training clients.

To our family of owners.

Please continue to stay in touch.
We value your feedback,
your pictures, your videos. your stories.

David Mork


Summer / Fall litter plans are being posted now

A young male named RAZOR has taken over top dog status here.
Blaze simply stunned me with his instinct... but Razor will take the reigns for a while A Brother of Phoenix named DEKE will again be featured as one of our sires this summer.
As I mention in the litter descriptions. DEKE is one of the very best dogs I have trained.
I had not worked with Deke for at least 3 years... but when he was here to breed Jazz...I shot a short video of him on pigeons in launchers.
He was rock steady and just a beautiful dog to watch in the field even on a hot Summer day.
e-mail if you want the youtube link sent to you.
I have a video of Deke on birds. e-mail me for the link.
Great to work with a son of Jake again.
Check the upcoming litter page often for updates.

If deposits look full,  please call David or Jane.
We sometimes have a "phantom litter" which is not advertised, in order to help folks get a pup.

GUNDOG   TRAINING   PROGRAM       Call or e-mail David to reserve a spot.
There are limited openings for this training season. We do try to prioritize our own puppy owners and past clients... so call or e-mail... we will try to work you into the schedule.
Please call to book a 2015 training spot.   It will be an honor to train for you.
Our checklist training has been a hit with our clients.
People naturally appreciate knowing exactly what will be accomplished in the started program rather than paying for training by the month
and to know that extra time is at no cost.

Training Fee for 2015 is  $1400  for the full started program.
$ 700 after the 1st month. the balance on graduation day.
( Birds not included )


Training dogs from all over the nation had allowed us to select outstanding genetics
We now have access to 5 amazing Sires.



is now the top dog here at Sauk River.
As much as Blaze and Deke knock me out with their talent and instinct...
I now lean towards Razor in most breedings.
67 lbs. Excellent Hips. EIC clear. and a phenomenal pointing dog.
I'll post a video soon.

He is a solid family dog who lives with his marvelous owners on the edge of The Dakotas in Fargo.

DEKE is on the Mount Rushmore of the best dogs that I have ever trained.
He is the spitting image of our beloved Phoenix.
which is as good a working conformation as you will ever find.
Short upland coat, nice taper, nice head, long nose for picking up bigger birds, rock solid pointing, and fluid movement. and Endurance,
Deke blows through barriers. is Intense about his work. straight, perked, locks on to marks with his eyes and never looses focus
Deke has Drive which turns on and off at the right times.
He is an ideal family / house dog when off duty.

BOZ continues to produce excellent pups.
We have had a chance to incorporate Boz back into the plans more this year even though he contains both sides of our foundation dogs. I just received a Boz pup which I am excited to keep for the future here.

BLAZE is phenomenal. We had centered our future plans around him.
Then Razor matured and we are centering our plans largely on Razor instead.
However, Blaze is a phenomenal talent and may figure into future breedings.

e-mail David for a youtube link to video showing DEKE on birds. ( taken on a hot summer day, but still very informative and a good intro to DEKE )

A video of Razor should be available soon. For 14 years now, We have been both very lucky,   and very good at the core of our program.

Training allows us to compare and to select at a much higher level and avoids looking just for a highly titled dog, or a color etc...

If you are considering joining the SAUK RIVER family of owners,
Or,   have a question about a   pointing labrador puppy,   started dog,   or your training needs
We are here to help.

Jane and I welcome your visit.
We look forward to serving you in   2015. and beyond

Sincerely,   David and Jane Mork

To our Family of Owners:    Thank You for Your updates!

To owners of Sauk River Dogs..   Please keep the updates coming.  

Jane and I are gratified by the number of stories we are hearing from our owners... and the response of other hunters to your dogs.
We are getting many referrals from hunters who had the opportunity to hunt with your dog.
Thank you for your continued support for what we do here.

In Fall 2014, Conditions were somwhat improved for pheasants in the midwest. another late and very wet spring kept pheasant numbers down in many areas.
Pheasant hunters in the midwest were glad to have a good dog.
After high bird numbers for a loneg time... those tougher years ( in some areas ) A tougher year brings out the value of an excellent dog.

Sauk River Pointing Labradors pleased our owners in a variety of settings from Mexico to Canada.  
Here are some locations we have heard from this year: Game bird species are hi-lited to emphasize the diversity of success with Sauk River Dogs.

Sauk River Dogs are on  Pheasant  in The Dakotas,   Iowa,  Kansas,   Nebraska,   Montana,  Illinois,   Minnesota,   and Pennsylvania.
Sauk River Labs are pointing and retrieving   Grouse and Woodcock   in Vermont,  Maine,   Conneticut,   New York,   Quebec,   Ontario,  Wisconsin,   and Minnesota.
Our dogs are on   Quail     in Missouri,   Alabama,   Georgia,   Oklahoma, and   Texas. ...and on   Chukar  in Utah,   Washington,   California
Sauk River Dogs are working   Ducks   and   Geese   along all four flyways, from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.
Waterfowl,   doves   and quail   in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and across the border in Mexico.
Just look what "Jake" started, and what Blaze has inherited.

We look forward to hearing from each of you.
Our door is open for your scheduled visit.    

David Mork.

Video of a Year - old   PHOENIX x SCARLET   pup on point.

The video is 7 min long. Gauge actually points at about 4 min 30 seconds.
I had to shoot the bird while filming.     Made the shot which is rare for me!
Gauge,   who is a very good marker,   misses this mark as he heels back to me during the shot.
Gauge holds point with good control for an 11 month old dog.  
This dog was with us for 2 months of Training.   He hunts quail with his owner in his home state of Alabama.

Update From The Field #1 Koda

Update From The Field #2 Rocky

Update From The Field #3 Deke

Sauk River Retrievers is an organization Dedicated To Excellence in the breeding and training of Pointing Labradors.

Please call or e-mail or David or Jane personally if you have questions about an   upcoming litter,   started dog,   or training for your gundog.

Some of you waited nearly a year to obtain a pup in 2012-2013   We appreciate your patience as 2014 begins.  

As many will attest.... It is worth the wait to take advantage of the years of selection and testing we have been through to arrive at the quality of dogs we breed today.

We invite anyone who finds mistakes on our website to notify us.     Thank You for your feedback!

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